This review is about Dabur Vatika Naturals Long & Black Shampoo. I have long but fragile hair. Hair breakage is a lingering issue for my hair. Split ends and breakage makes my hair ends thinner.Dabur Vatika Naturals Long & Black Shampoo Review

To cater this problem, I keep using strengthening shampoos. Dabur Vatika Naturals Long & Black Shampoo is one of my favourite strengthing shampoos. This shampoo is there in the market for long.

I find myself buying this again and again. Recently Dabur reformulated their entire hair wash range. I wanted to try the new formula so I got myself this big bottle of 440ml. Here’s what I feel about this shampoo.

About Dabur Vatika Naturals Long & Black Shampoo

Vatika Black Shine Shampoo shall make your wish come true! Enriched with seven hair nourishing ingredients like black olives, bhringraj, henna, almonds & amla; it stimulates growth of thick, nourished & heathy hair while making them shine on the outside.


1. Control hair fall

2. Adds thickness and volume to the hair

3. Encourage growth of thick, & silky smooth hair

4. Adds natural shine to the hair

5. Maintain natural colour of hairDabur Vatika Naturals Long & Black Shampoo

Packaging: Dabur Vatika Naturals Long & Black Shampoo comes in a tall black bottle. The plastic bottle has flip-top cap. The cap is quite strong. So, there’s no product leakage from the cap. In the front of the bottle there are lively images of the main ingredients.

The claims and complete ingredients list are in the backside. The packaging is good but you can’t travel with this huge bottle of 440ml. Thankfully, the brand has travel versions for this particular variant.

Colour & Consistency: The shampoo is pearly black in colour. The consistency is, I would say, medium to runny. It is thicker than transparent gel based shampoos.

It is a sulphate based shampoo. It foams a lot but the creamy foram does not make the hair dry and stripping. The shampoo is paraben free.

Fragrance: Dabur Vatika Naturals Long & Black Shampoo has a unique floral fragrance. The fragrance seems quite strong in the bottle but it gets milder and milder once you rub it in your hair and wash off. The fragrance makes my hair smell fresh all day.

Quantity & Price: This Vatika shampoo has cost me Rs.190 for a huge bottle of 440ml. The actual price for this is Rs.264 but I bought an discounted offer pack. The shampoo is cheaper than drugstore shampoos from L’Oreal, Sunsilk, Pantene etc.

Plus, you get good offers on this. There are three other packs available for this. Two among them are smaller sizes than this 440ml and a bigger pump pack.Dabur Vatika Naturals Long & Black Shampoo

My Overall Thoughts:

Dabur’s shampoo range has 5-6 variants. The Long & Black is one of them oldest variants among them. This is also the most nourishing shampoo in the entire range. It is basically a stengthening shampoo.

It is supposed to cleanse your hair from oils and dirt without drying. The shampoo does what it claims. It cleanses my scalp and hair. One wash is enough for non-oiled hair. I need to go another time if I have done my basic heavy oiling with coconut oil.

The shampoo is nourishing but my dry hair still needs conditioner to stay tangle and frizz free. The shampoo claims to make the hair shiny. It does give a little shine to the hair; not much though. As I mentioned earlier, I have used this shampoo before. The new revised formula is more moisturizing than the previous versions.

The only con is that, it contains sulphate. If you are looking for a good quality pocket-friendly shampoo and you don’t mind using sulphate shampoos then you should try this Dabur Vatika Long & Black Shampoo.

Rating: 4/5

*Written By Sreeparna


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