Antiquing? Um…normally that’s a very, very hard pass from me, thank you much. I know that there can be some cool things to be found on some shelf in some store on any given day. Among the old movies, dishes that nobody wanted, and clothes that borderline on the historic, you might find something neat. Old toy vehicles are usually the score for me. But antiquing doesn’t always mean hitting up the odd stores. Good junkyards fall in the same category, and if we could, we’d be out rescuing as many old bits that haven’t met the scrapper or crusher as we could. God help us if any of us ever win the lottery…

This isn’t a channel based on cars. This is a guy up in Alberta who prides himself in antiques who managed to score a 1979 Ford Mustang Cobra that was just baking away in the sun. For those who don’t speak Fox Mustang every single day, the 1979 Cobra was the last year of the 302 before the miserable 4.2L V8 replaced it, or you could pick a turbocharged 2.3L four that had grunt, but had early turbo teething issues. This is a 302/4-speed version, the one you want, and it’s as complete as you should expect to get from a junkyard. But it runs, it can yard-drive at least, and instead of flipping it or stashing it away, he just offered it up free to a family who wanted to to make it a project that the kids could take part in. That’s awesome on many levels.

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