We live in weird, uncertain times. There’s some new wrinkle in the way we live our lives nearly every day. The good thing? Our cars are still there to keep us sane. You can socially distance yourself in your hot rod quite easily and with the windows down, the air rushing in, and the late afternoon sun deep in the sky, there’s not a damned thing better in the world, right? Chances are that you’ve had and will have more time to wrench on your car to make improvements as well. OPGI knows this and they have the SUMMER20 promotion going right now with up to 40% off on the parts you want and need to make your cruiser perfect.

All you have to do is to hit the image below and check out all the incredible sale prices on these products. Hundreds and hundreds of items and products fall under the sale so make sure you check out the listings and save yourself some cash.

We know it is weird out there but the good thing is that the constant of having passion for a hobby and for your hot rod is really helpful to get through this .

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