I am pretty fascinated with European hill climb time trials. It seems like some super intense racing on amazingly challenging courses. All of the videos that pop up on the internet show cars and bikes dicing up these little bitty roads at break neck speeds, sometimes successfully, sometimes not. This is one of those “sometimes not” videos. You’ll see a motorcycle racer launch off, negotiate the first turn of a hill climb, get into the world’s quickest tank slapper and eat pavement.

As if the wreck wasn’t inglorious enough, both the rider and the bike slide into some sort of soft protection barrier at the second corner. You’d think that it would be a good ending but this dude was having a really bad day. The bike beat him to the barrier and while the rider was sliding to a gentle stop, the bike rebounds off the barrier and smashes into the rider again. It is almost like the bike is so pissed about being crashed, it smacked the guy one last time for good measure.

Just another reminder, in any form of racing stuff can go very bad…very quick. Just ask this guy, he’ll back us up on that.

Press play below and make sure your helmet is tight!

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