It’s kind of amazing how some events just get it right and continue to for a very, very long time. Take the 2020 Todd’s Extreme Paint World Super Pro Challenge going on this weekend at the Mid-Michigan Motorplex in Stanton, Michigan. This race started back in the 1980s and was one of the true foundational events in the world of “big money” bracket racing. Competing for $50,000 was (and still is!) high stakes stuff and for some of the best bracket racers in the world, their job this weekend is to beat all the rest of the competition right out the gate on their way to the big check.

The World Super Pro Challenge is a halo event in this style of drag racing, not necessarily because the payout if the biggest in the country anymore, as it is not, but it’s an event to actually make your resume as a true “professional” bracket racer. The list of people who have clicked off wins at this one is as illustrious as it gets and if you want to be in their company or conversation you best go and win it yourself.

LIVE streaming action all weekend long, check it out!

Press play below to watch The World Super Pro Challenge in Michigan!

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