(By Tom Lohnes) – The current generation of Dodge Challenger is an old car. Riding on a 25-year old Mercedes E-class chassis, the Challenger has basically come as far as it can go handling wise. But a new Challenger is slated for 2024, and there are two available chassis for it to go to. Which one is better?

Well for our first entry we have the Alfa Romeo Giorgio platform. Underpinning the incredibly nimble Giulia and potent Stelvio, this chassis is made for power. Being a 4-year old chassis, Dodge can build upon it quite a bit. The engine bay is quite large  so we can for sure put a V8 in it and it already runs an 8-speed automatic and RWD or AWD. In fact, the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA-M Set a 4-door car Nürburgring record at 7:21:34. So, it is quite possible the next Challenger could be an Alfa underneath, and I’m quite open to that.

Next up, we have the harder option. With the supposed idea of Stellantis buying Jaguar/Land Rover, the Jaguar XF is the obvious choice in the lineup. With Mercedes E-Class proportions, and a supercharged V8 sitting under the hood, the XF is more than ready to be a challenger. RWD stock, and also offering a ZF automatic, the Big Dodge body could mate up to this quite well. Also, Jaguar makes an XF wagon, so a 2nd-gen Magnum is a possibility on that chassis.

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