Street cars are not race cars and most enthusiasts are not race car drivers so when we take those two elements and combine them at open track day events, crazy stuff is bound to happen. This video is proof that crazy stuff does happen when the drivers run out of talent and the cars run out of grip. In this footage you’ll see everything from exotic sports cars to pretty common high performance iron getting crashed, smashed, and even jumped into the air (note the Subaru taking flight in the lead photo). One of the positive things to glean from this video is the quality of construction that new cars have and also the safety features built into them. There are some VERY hard hits in this video and after all of them it is clear to see that the airbags have deployed, the car structural integrity has held up and most often the helmeted occupants can be seen looking around to try and figure out what the hell happened.

Some of the crashes seem to be cosmically destined to happen, like the wreck between the Evo and the BMW. The Evo guy loses the handle just as the BMW dude is leaving the pits and whamo…he mashes the side of the Beemer like a wrecking ball. The odds of that happening are fairly astronomical, like hitting the lottery and being struck by lightning on the same day. The flying Subaru in the lead photo? Yeah that one has its own special category of bizarre as well.

Press play below to see open track day wreckage and destruction from around the world!

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