When you post up a blog item with links to every one of your photo galleries from an event, only to have him send a note saying “Hey dude, there are three more galleries you guys didn’t post yet.” it has to make you laugh. Apparently Lohnes and McTaggart didn’t think you were worthy of seeing the last three galleries of photos, but I certainly do. I think you are not only worthy, but that it is our duty to share the wonders and awesomeness that is Bonneville. I missed it for just the second time in 13 years and it pained me not to be there. So like you I’ve been drooling over the photos and planning for my next project that I have no time and money for! LOL

But enough of that frivolity, here is the first of three galleries you guys were cheated out of. Don’t worry, I’ve got the other two loaded into the system so we’ll make sure they post this week as well.

Of course if you did in fact miss any other galleries from our Bonneville coverage, you can click the link below to see each and every one of them from this year.

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