We have a bucket list of shows from all over the world that we would love to check out if we ever managed to cough up enough coin to travel. Drag races in Brazil and Central America, the wild burnout contests and racing in Australia, a trip to Santa Pod in the U.K., the semi-truck racing in Quebec, and more are just some of the cool ventures that we would love to have eyes on at some point in our lives. And another one on the list would be to attend one of the cruise-in events in Vantaa, Finland. From where we sit, it looks like a mellow, Cars and Coffee-type cruise in with a little bit of fun to be had outside of the main show.

It’s not the burnouts that attract us…though, we’d be lying if we said we didn’t enjoy them…but the array of vehicles. Seriously, watch this video and tell me if there is one that you would kick out of the garage. Everything is in this video…a V8 Chevy Astro, the very wicked Plymouth Fury cop car we’ve shown a couple of times before, one stout-sounding big-body Mustang…even a late 1990s Thunderbird makes a quick appearance! Get us something warm to sip on, a good spot where the traffic is driving by, and we’d be set for a couple of hours. And that isn’t easy to do for three guys with automotive A.D.D.

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