This sweet, sweet hunk of video goodness takes us to the historic road racing course known as Road America. We traverse the course courtesy of a bad Larry 1970 Mustang. The car sounds beautiful and the Jerico five-speed operates flawlessly. While the old timers did not have the luxury of stuff like the Jerico transmission, we’re not taking any cool points away from this Mustang for having one. It is fast, it is functional, and it helps this guy do what he needs to do more than shift…steer.

We dig this video for the multiple camera angles, especially the foot box cam which shows the driver’s feet tap dancing on the pedals. The guy looks to be a capable road racer as he hold onto the Mustang all the way around the course on what must have been a qualifying lap or perhaps some practice action.

Either way, crank up the speakers and watch this dude thrash a mean sounding 1970 Mustang!

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