Before you freak out and question our use of the word “budget” in the title, understand that in every case “budget” means something different. At 18 years old you were on a budget and you are still on one now but those numbers have changed. That’s why we’re calling this build, which came home under $20,000 a budget operation. The engine, slightly less than 600ci makes more than 1,000hp on the dyno naturally aspirated and it does so with a single carb on it and no major trickery. This is great engine building technique, parts selection, and skilled assembly to get to this level of power and  performance.

As per usual, Jeff does a killer job of taking us through all the steps of the engine build and explaining the how’s and why’s of the parts and pieces being used. For instance, this engine is going in a mud bog truck so the class rules mandate certain things. The block has to be iron, the engine has to be a wet sump, and there are no power adders allowed in this class.

Seeing this baby come together is one thing but hearing it sing on the dyno is bad ass. Mud bog racing means wheel speed and this engine is going to get those mud tires clawing into the Earth like nobody’s business! If you truly love engines you can’t go wrong with this video –

Press play below to see this big block Chevy get built, dyno tested, and mud bogged!

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