Bonneville is a place steeped in tradition. For every late-model item filled to the brim with the best and most modern, there’s a Ford Model A rocking a Cadillac mill in the engine bay. For every stacker trailer combo, somebody’s rolled up in a GMC Senicruiser that’s been converted into an RV. Fuel injection, meet multiple carburetors. V8 with twin turbochargers, meet some monster six-cylinders. These aren’t dolled-up and overdressed examples, either. These cars often make yearly pilgrimages out to the white, sporting nearly the same layout as you would’ve been likely to find fifty, sixty, seventy years ago. Tradition lives at Bonneville, and you will always find it in the engine bay.

You can look at the cars all you want. But if and when you make it out to Wendover, as you walk among the streamliners and the door cars and such, stop for a moment and peer inside the engine bay. It’s worth your while. It was certainly worth ours…here’s a few of the mills that got our attention!

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