The wonders never cease around here, that’s for sure. Anthony Ambrosio sent us some incredible links to a person who’s skills with Legos outstrip our skills with, well everything combined. This guy uses the parts from Lego Technic kits to custom build cars, trucks, crawlers, hot rods, drift machines, and more. Yes, “Filsawgood” is one talented and interesting individual and the best part is that he/she/they share their work in detail so we can see it all.

It is one thing to assemble one of the advanced Technic kits. They are comprehensive and operational and cool. It is wholly other to take the parts and pieces that you have accumulated over the years and turn them into things that NO KIT EXISTS FOR. Building a 1980s Chevy crew cab dually with 1:16 precision using only Legos seems like the most insanely awful idea, ever. Building it with two working axles, a perfectly miniaturized set of off-road tires, four operational doors, and enough vision to create the illusion of a working gas engine under the hood? Yeah, that’s talent man. That is talent!

Check out the links below. The first is a link specifically concentrating on the truck and its build. The second is for the builder’s InstaGram page which will show of all of the other creations that they have completed over time.

Everyone’s good at something and this builder is world class with Legos!

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