For starters, we have no idea what country this video was filmed in but we know it is the land that torque forgot. The brain trust involved has a tiny little car hooked up with a chain or some sort of strap to a very large brick wall. Said brick wall looks to date back to about the time Jesus was in high school so it isn’t like the hatchback is pulling on the Great Wall of China or something but the situation looks dumb.

Well, we wouldn’t be showing you the video unless something mildly entertaining happens, and it sure does. Granted that the difference between mildly entertaining and potentially deadly seems to work out to about six inches here, but you get the picture. The guy who decided on the length of the chain/rope is either a talented engineer of the luckiest SOB on planet Earth.

Press play to see Balki and his pals horsing around with forces far beyond their control

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