Tractor pulls, diesel drags, and semi-truck racing in Quebec…there’s a lot of room for big rigs to come out and run all-out but without a doubt, the most unique scene in diesel performance isn’t in the States, it’s in Puerto Rico. We’ve seen school buses running twelves, and we’ve seen stripped down and shortened rigs like this International absolutely hauling tail at Salinas Speedway. These (relatively) featherweight big rigs are beastly and the International is no different. Somewhere in that bodywork is a Detroit Diesel 6V92 that sounds far removed from the standard Rocky Mountain Hummingbird noise we know them for…we suspect that a turbocharger or two is force-feeding the Roots blower, and we’d love to know where the compression ratio is at. From the moment the International finally gets the cue to start it’s burnout, you get the feeling that this truck might be eleven pounds of something in a ten-pound package, and you might be right. The first attempt at a run ends at the launch with a “pop” that sounds ominous…

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