When the guys from Bad Obsession Motorsport decided to build a car for the new City Cup racing series, we knew it was going to be fun. In the first few installments of the build you can see that building one of these little machines is pretty cheap in comparison to a lot of racing, which is exactly the point. With the incredible popularity of SIM racing, the guys at City Cup figured that if you could build a real car for the same money as a nice SIM rig then who wouldn’t want to go wheel to wheel racing instead of playing on their computer. The answer of course is “nobody”, because who wouldn’t want to come have fun on a real race track in “real” race cars?

Below you’ll find episodes 4 and 5 of the build, which includes the first race of the series in episode 5. Every single part of the build, including every expense, is shown in this build series and that means you know exactly what you’d need to do in order to build your own. I think that it seems like an absolute riot and would love to do something like this here in the States. I have a feeling that there is way more fun to be had than anyone would believe from 1 liter cars that make just over 60 horsepower. Watch this.

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