This should not be possible. Tell anyone you are going to run a 7-second time and they will assume you have a Pro-Mod with a fiberglass body. A decade ago, nobody would guess a full-weight street legal Audi could run faster than 11 seconds. My car can run high 11’s, but it took a small fortune to get it there. After watching this I think I give up, because Underground Racing’s Audi R8 has shattered the 7-second barrier for a new world record. Going across the finish line close to 200 mph makes it faster than an F-18 on full afterburner. Not only did it pull a solid 5″ wheelie, it crossed the 60-foot line on the rear tires only. Congrats to the team on this incredible achievement. If you want to attempt this, click the button to find your R8 and give Underground Racing a call.

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