If there is one part of racing and really hot rodding in general that does not get the attention that it deserves, it is maintenance. Keeping your parts, pieces, and car working the way it should requires work, especially if you are beating on it soundly week in and week out. Maintenance is not a sexy subject and it’s something that doesn’t really come with the glory of making upgrades or other improvements to your machine. What it does come with is the satisfaction in knowing that when the next season starts, your suspension will be working in tip-top shape for cruising, drag racing, or circle track competition.

When people wonder about why some people’s cars with the same parts ride better, handle better, run faster, or lap the track quicker than theirs does, a lot of the answers can come down to maintenance. We live in a “set it and forget it” world in so many ways and also a world where we throw stuff away and replace it rather than maintaining it but in hot rodding that’s not the case.

This video is a great guide for the things to be thinking of, checking out, and staying ahead of in the maintenance process during the off-season. Get off the couch, get under your car, and get the work done. The latest lame TV series can wait!

Press play below to get a good lesson in off-season suspension maintenance!

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