This is really cool stuff and it shows the progression of drag racing in South America in ways that everyone can understand. You are going to see Lucas Gonzales racing a turbocharged BMW powered BMW bodied pro mod car which was constructed and is based in Argentina. You are going to see it run six second elapsed times in Brazil which may be a little confusing but stick with us.

This is a landmark car for many reasons but the biggest is that it is the first 6-second car ever built in Argentina. The reason they seem to be running it in Brazil may be two-fold. The first side of it is likely because they’re at a big event and who doesn’t love competing in front of a crowd. The second is that the track they are running at is really good and likely is a bit more advanced than the strips in Argentina. The sport in Brazil has matured and continues to at a rapid pace. Argentina is coming along and with cars like this the strips will soon be improving to match their performance potential. It is a really awesome thing to see that drag racing is developing in that part of the world and everyone is getting in on it.

Let’s not forget about the car here. This thing is boss and man does it fly! The best run we see is 6.936 at 194mph! That is with a strongly hot rodded BMW engine. The in-car shows the quality of the built and the fact that it tracks straight and true with the driver doing a nice job keeping it in the groove. Drag racing rules…everywhere!

Press play below to see this BMW powered rocket run 6-second elapsed times!

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