A winged asphalt sprint might be good. Or a dirt late model with all kinds of weird aero. Or just a hobby stock car with not one f given as to what happens to it. The answer you give is not incorrect, no matter what the answer is, because we think it will be a riot either way if the video below is any indication. This is some fun looking stuff, with lots, and we mean LOTS of contact which is always fun to watch on a circle track. The aero greatness going on here is pretty epic, and the mix of open wheel and bodied cars also makes things interesting. I don’t think anyone in this race possibly came out of it without a scratch or dent, but some certainly fared better than others.

Just watch the action and if you don’t smile, cringe, and laugh all in the same lap then you are watching different video than I am. And who knew how good Lexan could be when you have free reign to do whatever you like?

I have to say I’m particularly entertained by super modifieds picking their way through the field while bouncing off of door cars. There are a lot of donut marks going on here in this one, that’s for sure. Whoever thought of this race is a genius and I love them for it.

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